Castlelishen (Castlelishon) Tower House/Castle
At a Glance
County Cork
OS Map 73
OS Coordinate R 401 194
Archaeological Inventory Cork Vol. 4 Part 2 - North Cork
Inventory Reference 14348
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Castlelishen Tower House, Co. Cork

West and south wall of tower castle
East wall of tower castle East wall of tower castle North wall of tower castle North wall of tower castle North wall of tower castle
Modern Entrance


Dimensions: Rectangular tower 15.2m E-W, 9.3m N-S. Currently 3 stories tall but was originally higher.

Wide round-arched opening (2.1 meters wide) at west end of north wall. This opening is not original and leads to a small lobby which has a rebuilt opening that leads south to a ground floor chamber. A second doorway in this lobby leads east to a straight mural stairs.

The ground floor chamber is 6.5m E-W and 4.8m N-S which is lit by a double-splayed lintelled slit windows in the west and south walls

The mural stair rises to the 1st-floor level and continues from there as spiral stairs.

The 1st floor chamber has a much damaged east wall and a breach at its southeast corner. This chamber is lit by slit windows in the east and west walls. At the east end of the south wall there is the west side of a recess that may have been a mural chamber with a garderobe. A pointed-arch door at the west end of the north wall leads to a vaulted mural chamber over the doorway.

The first floor chamber has a vaulted ceiling (long axis is east-west). Little survives above this vaulted ceiling except for a slender piece of the north wall which rises one more story.


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